Practical trip to La Marina with 1st ESO students

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Living in Elche is a privilege when it comes the time to practise your English, as it is located near towns where there are a lot of English speaking natives. So, today we took this advantage and travelled with our students to La Marina to put into practise the English we learn at school every day.

Over 100 students in the 1st year visited an open-market in San Fulgencio where they interviewed foreign people who were at the market. Also, as part of the project for helping the refugees, we organised a fund raising activity.

Later, we visited Iceland supermarket, a well-known store entirely run by British workers and where typical British products are sold. That way the students could get familiar British culture and try products never found in Spanish supermarkets.


This activity is very popular among our students as it´s very practical and interesting for them.

All the English teachers hope we can do it again next year.